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Optical Inspection and Sorting Machine – Glass Disc

Optical Inspection and Sorting Machine- Glass Disc
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Optical Inspection and Sorting Machine – Glass Disc Introduction:

Key Features

  • Detailed Dimensional & Surface Defects Inspection
  • Repeatability starts from 5 micron
  • Inspection Speed up to 500 PPM.
  • Manual as well as Auto loading systems.
  • Quantity wise separate OK Ejections
  • Can check OCR
  • Internal Thread Present/ Absent

Can Inspect

  • Fasteners
  • Precision machine parts
  • Turned components
  • Precision brass components
  • Precision automotive components
  • Plastic & Rubber Parts

Sample Parts

Sample Parts Glass Disc Machine can inspect including O Rings, Washers, Bushes
Glass Disc Machine can inspect sample parts including Precision machine parts, Turned components, Precision brass components, Precision automotive components

Inspection Parameters:


  • Inner Diameter
  • Outer Diameter,
  • Angle
  • Height
  • metrological parameters

Surface Defects

scratch detection, dent detection, damage, burr, crack, cut marks, thread damage, colour detection, texture verification, surface deformities detection


Operation missing, absence/presence verification, hole detection, OCR-OCV


OD, ID Inspection
Side Dimension Inspection
Internal Thread Present/ Absent
Top Surface Defects
Bottom Surface Defects

Glass Disc Machine Overview

The Optical Inspection and Sorting Machine - Glass Disc is a cutting-edge automated system designed specifically for the inspection and sorting of various types of parts. It employs advanced optical technology and precision automation to ensure accurate and efficient quality control in the manufacturing process. In addition to surface defects checking, the machine also offers dimension inspection functionality. It can measure key parameters such as inner diameter, outer diameter, angle, height, and other metrological parameters to ensure dimensional accuracy and consistency.

The Glass Disc Machine is versatile and suitable for inspecting various types of parts used in industries such as fasteners, precision machine parts, turned components, precision brass components, precision automotive components, plastic & rubber parts, and more. It can handle high inspection speeds of up to 500 parts per minute, allowing for efficient production throughput.

The machine supports both manual and auto loading systems, providing flexibility for different production environments. It incorporates quantity-wise separate OK ejections, enabling efficient sorting and segregation of acceptable parts from defective ones. With its internal thread present/absent detection capability, the machine can accurately detect and verify the presence or absence of internal threads in the part.

The Optical Inspection and Sorting Machine - Glass Disc is an essential tool for manufacturers seeking to ensure the highest quality standards for their products. By automating the inspection and sorting process, it helps reduce human error, increase productivity, and deliver consistent and defect-free products to customers.

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