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Horizontal Visigauge

Horizontal Visigauge
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Horizontal Visigauge Introduction :

Key Features

  • One click measurement with high precision.
  • Automatic and manual saving of data with Batch Wise Report and SPC Report.
  • One unique instrument to inspect more than 25 dimensions in a fraction of second.
  • Repeatability starts from 1 micron*.
  • Easy operation, Simple and user friendly teaching.
  • Prompt online support.
  • Less maintenance to zero maintenance.
  • High Expertise on Software Development.

Can Inspect

  • Small Plastic parts
  • Rubber components
  • Turned components
  • Precision brass components
  • Automotive components
  • Precision machined parts

Sample Parts

Sample Parts inspected by Horizontal Visigauge including Precision machined parts, Turned components, Automotive components
Horizontal Visigauge inspection sample parts including Turned components, Precision brass components

Get the best results with a horizontal vision measuring machine.

The horizontal vision measuring machine manufactured by the best horizontal visigauge manufacturer in Pune combines the features of a traditional vision measuring machine and a profile projector. The Visimaster Horizontal visigauge machine is designed like a traditional horizontal profile projector which is used to check the vision of the individuals. Visimaster has been a professional in this field of manufacturing top-notch vision correction automation tools which have higher precision and accuracy and can generate excellent results.

What are the features of a horizontal visigauge device?

Visimaster, being the best horizontal visigauge manufacturer in Pune, manufactures vision inspection machines that come with a lot of features. Some of them are as follows.

  • High precision on a single click measurement.
  • Manual and automatic saving of the data with detailed reports.
  • A single instrument for inspecting a variety of machines of different dimensions.
  • Straightforward operation with friendly handling.
  • All-time inbuilt online support.
  • Zero to no maintenance for the devices.

These are the amazing benefits of the horizontal vision inspection machines of Visimaster. SO, if you are looking for a professional and reputed horizontal visigauge manufacturer in Pune or in any other part of India, you can give us a call. Our specialized team are always there to assist you with the type of product and service you need.

What can you inspect with the Horizontal Visigauge Machines of Visimaster?

Visimaster manufactures tools that can be used for inspecting a wide range of tools. Therefore, the horizontal visigauge manufactured by the best horizontal visigauge manufacturer can be used for inspecting and analyzing different types of tools. They are as follows.

  • Stamping Parts.
  • Rubber and plastic equipment.
  • Turned precision equipment.
  • Small plastic parts.
  • Fasteners.

How can the Visimaster Horizontal Visigauge tool help you?

There are several reasons to select Visimaster- the best horizontal visigauge manufacturer for purchasing vision inspection tools. The machines prepared by Visimaster are low-maintenance tools, and you won’t have to spend much for their maintenance. Also, the Visimaster vision inspection tool is capable of inspecting more than 25 different types of tools, which can be a boost for customers.

Additionally, Horizontal visigauge from Visimaster has a very straightforward and effortless operation. Thus, you won’t face any hassle while operating the machine. Thus, if you are looking for the best quality horizontal visigauge from the best horizontal visigauge manufacturer, then there is none better than Visimaster.

Why select Visimaster for purchasing Horizontal Visigauge in India?

Visimaster or Varad Automation company is the most renowned horizontal visigauge manufacturer in the entire of India who excels in the manufacturing of Vision inspection tools. They have specialized teams for the respective departments that help in the manufacturing of higher precision vision inspection machines.

Besides being the best horizontal visigauge manufacturer, they are also qualified in having a top-class team for providing after-sales support services. So, you need not worry if you are having any issue with your tool after purchasing them. Visimaster is always there to guide you through every step and help you with the solutions whenever you face any problem.

Inspection Parameters:


  • OD
  • Step OD
  • Step height
  • Total Height
  • Groove width
  • Angle, Radius
  • Chamfer Angle
  • Chamfer width
  • Thread Minor Diameter, Thread Major Diameter
  • Thread Helix Angle, Thread PCD, Reverse Threads


FOV Width
FOV Length
1 micron*
1.5 micron*
2 micron*
Data Report & Backup
.xls, Through USB
.xls, Through USB
.xls, Through USB
Dimensions(L x W x H)
940 x 170 x 210 mm
940 x 170 x 210 mm
1040 x 270 x 320 mm

Horizontal Visigauge Overview

The Horizontal Visigauge, provided by Varad Automation & Robotics Pvt. Ltd., is a vision inspection machine specifically designed for inspecting plastic parts and rubber components. It is a state-of-the-art machine that enables one-click measurements with high precision and accuracy. The Horizontal Visigauge allows for quick and effortless measurements with just a single click. It offers the convenience of automatic and manual data saving, including batch-wise reports and SPC (Statistical Process Control) reports.

The machine requires minimal maintenance, ensuring hassle-free operation. The Horizontal Visigauge is specifically designed for inspecting small plastic parts, rubber components, turned components, precision brass components, automotive components, and precision machined parts.

This unique instrument is capable of inspecting more than 25 dimensions of the parts in a fraction of a second. Horizontal Visigauge can measure parameters such as OD, step OD, step height, total height, groove width, angle, radius, chamfer angle, chamfer width, thread minor diameter, thread major diameter, thread helix angle, thread PCD, and reverse threads.

The Horizontal Visigauge provides excellent repeatability, starting from 1 micron*. It features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate and teach the system. Varad Automation & Robotics Pvt. Ltd. offers prompt online support for any technical assistance or queries.