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Vision Inspection Machines

Overview of Vision Inspection Machines

Horizontal Visigauge:

The Horizontal Visigauge is a cutting-edge vision inspection machine that combines advanced camera-based technology with precise measuring systems. With its high-speed capabilities and optical inspection features, this vision inspection system ensures accurate measurements and reliable quality control. The Horizontal Visigauge is ideal for industries that require efficient and precise inspection of various components.

Vertical Visigauge:

The Vertical Visigauge is a state-of-the-art vision inspection machine designed for vertical inspection and measurement tasks. Equipped with camera-based vision inspection systems, this machine offers exceptional accuracy and reliability. It is an invaluable tool for industries that demand precise measurement and inspection of components, ensuring superior quality control.

Optical Inspection & Sorting Machine - Glass Disc:

The Optical Inspection & Sorting Machine for Glass Discs is a specialized vision inspection system tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry. It utilizes advanced optical inspection techniques and machine vision systems to detect defects, measure dimensions, and ensure the quality of inspected parts. This machine enhances productivity and efficiency in mass production, providing reliable optical inspection and sorting capabilities.

Nano Glass Disc:

The Nano Glass Disc vision inspection machine is specifically designed for high-precision inspection and measurement of components. With its advanced machine vision systems, this machine ensures accurate detection of defects and precise measurement of dimensions. It is an indispensable tool for industries that require stringent quality control and high-precision manufacturing processes.

Conveyorised Inspection & Sorting Machine:

The Conveyorised Inspection & Sorting Machine is a versatile vision inspection system designed for high-speed inspection. With its camera-based vision inspection systems, this machine efficiently detects defects, performs measurements, and sorts products based on predefined parameters.

Thru Scan Machine:

The Thru Scan Machine is a powerful vision inspection system that employs non-contact inspection techniques for detecting defects and anomalies in various products. This machine utilizes advanced machine vision systems to scan and analyze objects, ensuring reliable inspection results.

Linear Pick & Place Machine:

The Linear Pick & Place Machine is a versatile automation solution that combines the capabilities of a pick and place robot with vision inspection systems. With its precise handling and positioning capabilities, this machine enhances efficiency in assembly processes. It is used in industries that require accurate component placement and assembly verification.

Robotics & Vision Based Assembly Machine:

The Robotics & Vision Based Assembly Machine is an advanced automation solution that integrates robotics and machine vision systems. This machine enables efficient assembly operations by combining the dexterity of robotics with the accuracy of vision inspection. It is valuable for industries that demand precise assembly and verification processes.

Accurate inspection of various small parts using the conveyor inspection and sorting Machine

The Conveyor Inspection and Sorting Machine is one of the best vision inspection machine that is manufactured by Visimaster for the inspection and categorization of various small parts. Some of them include small studs, small pins, small shafts and various other things.

Additionally, this vision inspection machine for the inspection of small manufactured units contains an auto-feeding system. Unlike the other inspection machines manufactured by Visimaster that have manual feeding units, users won’t need any additional learning to feed the items into this Machine as everything is completely automated.

The conveyor inspection and sorting Machine made by Visimaster is the best in Pune and around different parts of India for the inspection of small machine parts. Therefore, we at Visimaster can contribute to the manufacturing unit of various industries through our manufactured vision inspection machine, which comes with amazing features.

What are the key features of Visimaster's conveyor inspection and sorting machine?

The vision inspection machine manufactured by Visimaster has some amazing features that make inspecting the small parts more accurate and precise. They are as follows.

  • Higher Repeatability :
    The sorting machine for the inspection of the small parts has very high repeatability and up to 1 Micron. Therefore, this machine can contribute to the accurate inspection of small machine parts and various dimensions.
  • Higher Inspection Speed :
    This Machine can reach an inspection speed of up to 300 parts per minute. Thus, industries can inspect a wide range of small parts in a single minute, including around 300 parts. You can simply get this machine from Visimaster to increase efficiency and inspect the machine parts very quickly.
  • High Accuracy Dimensional Inspections :
    Inspecting the small manufactured machine parts can be a challenge for the industries. However, the Visimaster vision inspection machine has amazing technology implemented that can examine the surface of the machine in detail. Therefore, even the slightest of defects in the machine parts can be detected using this Machine.
  • Auto Feeding Systems :
    Industries won’t have to educate an employee on how to handle this machine as everything is completely automated. Even the feeding system of the vision inspection machine is computerised, and you won’t need manual labour to feed the machine parts.

Apart from these features, you can also use this machine to obtain batch-wise reports of the manufactured units. Thus, it is considered necessary for every industry to acquire this machine from Visimaster for the inspection of small manufactured parts without any hassle.

How can the vision inspection machine from Visimaster help you?

Visimaster’s vision inspection machine can help individuals in different ways. It can help with the inspection of dowel pins, small shafts and small studs. You can get a detailed report of accurate inspection of these parts and get the best results. With this vision inspection machine, you can easily segregate the bad manufactured parts from the good ones and increase efficiency. Additionally, there is an active customer service team who can help you with the problems in the Machine. Reach out to Visimaster soon and get your product at affordable rates.