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Home / Vision Inspection Machines / Glass Disc Machine for Washers Inspection

Glass Disc Machine for Washers Inspection

Glass Disc Machine for Washer Inspection
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Glass Disc Machine for Washer Inspection Introduction:

Key Features

  • Manual as well as Auto loading systems.
  • Inspection Speed up to 500 PPM.
  • Quantity wise separate OK Ejections
  • Detailed Dimensional & Surface Defects Inspection

Can Inspect

  • Washers
  • Stamping Parts
  • Shim

Sample Parts

Sample Parts inspected by Glass Disc Machine for Washers including various sizes of Metal & Rubber Washers
Glass Disc Machine for Washer Inspection sample parts including Shim and various types of Washers

How does the Washer Inspection Machine help the businesses?

Washer Inspection machines are the best and most widely used for manufacturing procedures. They implement advanced optical inspection technology along with precision automation to ensure better manufacture of the parts and the sub-parts. These machines are completely automated and can provide accurate results. Visimaster is the best manufacturer of Optical inspection and sorting machines.

And they are also capable of manufacturing washer inspection machines of the highest quality. Each machine's equipment is designed specifically and perfectly by experienced engineers. So, if you are looking for a top-notch and reputed manufacturer in India or Pune for washer inspection machines, then you should reach out to Visimaster or Varad Automation and Robotics company in Pune.

How can Washer Inspection Machine Help you?

These machines manufactured by Visimaster can detect all sorts of defects that occur within the surface of the washers. These defects can include scratches, dents, cracks, cut marks, damages, or any other thing. The washer inspection machine made at Varad Automation and Robotics company in Pune has high-quality optical sensors and a sophisticated algorithm that can perfectly and reliably detect the defects occurring within the system.

Thus, you can perform a wide range of functions using the Washer Inspection Machine manufactured by Visimaster and eliminate the damages or defects in the washer. You can always reach out to Visimaster and its team to acquire a special optical sensor and inspection machine of the highest quality and at the best possible rates.

What are the features of the Washer Inspection machine?

These machines and devices manufactured at Visimaster come with a wide range of features. Visimaster has world-class engineers who are skilled at making machines capable of handling a wide range of tasks. Thus, you can always use these machines for different purposes.

  • Manual and Autoload systems
    These machines can work both manually and automatically, providing both options for the manufacturing procedure. Depending on the type of parts to be manufactured, users can set it to respective modes.
  • Higher Inspection Speed
    The inspection machines designed by Visimaster can reach very high inspection speeds. It can reach up to 500 PPM, making manufacturing relatively fast and also reducing the time required to manufacture items in large quantities.
  • Quantity Wise Ejections
    The items manufactured using these machines can be separately ejected and in different quantities.
  • Detailed Inspection of Defects
    The washer inspection machine can be used for detailed inspection of the surface and dimensional defects. Therefore, if there are any sort of defects within the washer, they will be detected immediately.

Why is Visimaster the best for the manufacturing of Washer Inspection Machine in India?

There are several reasons to choose Visimaster for manufacturing inspection machines. They have a comprehensive and specialized team of engineers who are capable of handling intricate detailing of the manufacturing process. Also, there is a separate customer service team who are always there to respond to the issues faced in the inspection machines. Therefore, if you face any problems with these machines, you can always reach out to Visimaster and get them fixed.

Inspection Parameters:


  • ID
  • OD
  • Thickness/ Height
  • Hole Count
  • Thread Count

Surface Defects

Top Flat Surface Defects, Bottom Flat Surface Defects, Scratch And Dent Detection, Colour Detection, Texture Verification, Surface Deformities Detection



Glass Disc Machine for Washer Inspection Overview

The Glass Disc Machine for Washer Inspection is a specialized automated system that combines advanced optical inspection technology with precision automation to ensure the high level of quality in the manufacturing process. The machine is equipped with advanced features to detect and identify various defects and imperfections on the surface of washers. These defects may include scratches, dents, damages, burrs, cracks, cut marks, thread damage, color variations, texture anomalies, and surface deformities. By utilizing high-precision optical sensors and sophisticated algorithms, the machine can accurately and reliably detect these defects.

In addition to surface defects checking, the machine also performs dimensional inspections. It can measure critical parameters such as inner diameter, outer diameter, angle, and height to ensure precise dimensional accuracy and consistency of the components.

The Glass Disc Machine for Washer Inspection is designed to handle high-speed inspection requirements, with a capacity of up to 500 parts per minute. This allows for efficient and rapid inspection of large volumes of parts, helping to optimize production throughput and meet demanding manufacturing schedules.

The machine supports both manual and automated loading systems, providing flexibility to adapt to different production environments. It incorporates quantity-wise separate OK ejections, allowing for efficient sorting and segregation of acceptable parts from defective ones

By using the Glass Disc Machine for Washer Inspection, manufacturers can ensure the delivery of flawless and high-quality parts. It helps minimize the risk of product failures, improves customer satisfaction, and enhances overall productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing process.