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Home / Vision Inspection Machines / Glass Disc Machine for Bolts Inspection

Glass Disc Machine for Bolts Inspection

Glass Disc Machine for Bolts Inspection
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Glass Disc Machine for Bolts Inspection Introduction:

Key Features

  • Manual as well as Auto loading systems.
  • Inspection Speed up to 500 PPM.
  • Detailed Dimensional & Surface Defects Inspection
  • Quantity wise separate OK Ejections
  • Can check OCR &
  • Thread Present/ Absent

Can Inspect

  • Fasteners
  • Precision machine parts
  • Turned components
  • Precision brass components
  • Precision automotive components

Sample Parts

Sample parts can inspected by Glass Disc Machine for Bolts Inspection Machine including Hex Bolts, Hex Bolts with Flange, Allen Bolts, CSK Bolts
Glass Disc Machine for Bolts Sample parts including Square Head Bolts, CSK Bolts, Machine Screws, Studs

Remove the Defective Bolts using our Bolts Inspection Machines.

Visimaster is the best bolts inspection machine manufacturer in India that manufactures the best quality devices for inspecting the bolts for any defects, cracks or scratches, or any other damages. Our expert engineering team is capable of designing and attaching vision systems to these machines and capturing their defects using automated camera technology. The fastener industry can greatly benefit from these bolt inspection machines manufactured by the best bolt inspection machine manufacturer.

These systems have laser technology implemented to inspect any defect virtually. Thus, if you need the devices to inspect any sort of defects in the bolts, you should reach out to Visimaster in Pune. Visimaster proudly serves its customers around India, especially in Pune, to fulfill their requirements. Also, you can connect with them if you have any customized demands for the bolt inspection devices.

What can you inspect using the Bolt Inspection Machines?

Visimaster is a renowned bolts inspection machine manufacturer in Pune that develops machines that can inspect various bolts and their parts. Some of the things that it can inspect are as follows.

  • Fasteners.
  • Precise Machine Parts.
  • Precision Brass and Turned components.
  • Precision automotive components.

Fastener industries can simply use this machine to inspect the parts of the machine and eliminate all the defective ones that are manufactured.

What are the features of the Bolt Inspection Machines?

Bolt inspection machines come with some amazing features. And when purchased from the best bolts inspection machine manufacturer, you can also get some additional features. The features that are present in the machine are as follows.

  • Safely Eject the Machine Parts :
    The bolt inspection machines have safe ejection units. There is a separate segment for the damaged bolts and a segment for the good bolts. You can simply segregate the good and bad bolts using these inspection machines.
  • Faster Inspection of Bolts :
    The Varad Automation and Robotics inspection machines have quicker inspection speeds. They can reach up to 500 parts per minute. It means that by using these machines, industries can inspect up to 500 nuts every minute.
  • Detailed Inspection of the Surface of the Bolts :
    The bolt inspection machines from top-notch bolt inspection machine manufacturers have a computerized system integrated into the machine that helps in detailed inspection. Therefore, the slightest of cracks and damages in the bolts are also identified easily and separated from the good ones.

Inspection Parameters:


  • Angle
  • Height
  • half thread
  • Inner Diameter
  • Outer Diameter,
  • Major Dia, Minor Dia, PCD
  • metrological parameters
  • thread presence/ absence

Surface Defects

dent detection, damage, cut marks, crack, scratch detection, burr, surface deformities detection, thread damage, colour detection, texture verification,


Hole detection, OCR-OCV, operation missing, absence/presence verification


Camera Position Operations
1st Top OD, ID Inspection
2nd Side Side Dimension Inspection
3rd Taper Internal Thread Present/ Absent
4th Top Top Surface Defects
5th Bottom Bottom Surface Defects
* Repeatability will be measured on OD of Master Part.

Why should you choose Visimaster as a Bolt inspection machine manufacturer in India?

Visimaster has always been and will be on the top of the list for bolt inspection machine manufacturer in and around India. So, if you need such machines to inspect the defective bolts while manufacturing in bulk, you must reach out to Visimaster. They have their own specialized team who can guide you through the machine operation and fulfill your demands. Moreover, for any other optical sorting and inspection machine for your industry needs, you can reach out to them anytime.