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Linear Pick & Place Machine

Linear Pick and Place Machine
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Linear Pick & Place Machine Introduction:

Key Features

  • Auto Sorting Machine
  • Multi-station Inspection
  • 3600 Visual Defects Detection
  • Parts with Multiple Sides can be inspected.
  • Can integrate Air Gauge & LASER Sensor for specific requirements.
  • All outer dimensions, ID, OD, Outer Thread Inspection

Can Inspect

  • Turned Precision Parts
  • Automotive Parts
  • Parts with Multiple Sides

Sample Parts

Sample Parts Linear Pick and Place Machine can inspect including Flange Bush, Sleeve, Spacer
Linear Pick and Place Machine can inspect sample parts including CNC Machining Parts, Automotive Parts

Inspection Parameters:


  • ID, OD, All outer dimensions, Outer Thread Inspection
  • Linear Dimensions along with 3600 GD&T Parameters.

Surface Defects

scratch detection, dent detection, burr detection, damage detection

Linear Pick & Place Machine Overview

The Linear Pick & Place Machine offered by Varad Automation & Robotics Pvt. Ltd. is a highly advanced automation solution designed for efficient parts handling and inspection. This versatile machine combines pick and place capabilities with multi-station inspection, including 360-degree visual defect detection. It is specifically designed to handle parts with multiple sides and can integrate air gauges and LASER sensors for specific requirements.

The Linear Pick & Place Machine incorporates an auto sorting mechanism, allowing for efficient sorting of parts based on inspection results. With multiple inspection stations, the machine can perform inspections on various dimensions and parameters of the parts. The machine utilizes advanced vision technology to detect surface defects such as scratches, dents, burrs, and damages from all angles (360 Degree Visual Defects Detection). It is capable of inspecting parts that have multiple sides, ensuring comprehensive quality control. The machine can be integrated with air gauges and LASER sensors to cater to specific inspection requirements. The machine can accurately measure inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), and all outer dimensions of the parts. It also performs outer thread inspection.

The Linear Pick & Place Machine is ideally suited for inspecting turned precision parts and automotive components and parts with multiple sides.
The machine is equipped with different stations to perform various operations. The machine incorporates a rotating base with a camera for 360-degree surface inspection.

For more information about the Linear Pick & Place Machine or other innovative automation solutions offered by Varad Automation, including vertical visigauge, horizontal visigauge, optical inspection & sorting machine, and robotics & vision-based assembly machine please contact our sales team.


Unit Type
Air Gauge
ID Inspection
Camera (Side)
Side Dimension Inspection
Camera with Rotating Base (Side)
3600 Surface Inspection
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1400 x 1100 x 2200 mm
Weight: 500 Kg Approx