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Home / Vision Inspection Machines / Glass Disc Machine for Precision Parts Inspection

Glass Disc Machine for Precision Parts Inspection

Glass Disc Machine for Precision Parts Inspection
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Glass Disc Machine for Precision Parts Inspection Introduction:

Key Features

  • Thread Present/ Absent
  • Quantity wise separate OK Ejections
  • Inspection Speed up to 500 PPM.
  • Manual as well as Auto loading systems.
  • Detailed Dimensional & Surface Defects Inspection

Can Inspect

    • Precision machine parts
    • Turned components
    • Precision brass components
    • Precision automotive components

Sample Parts

Glass Disc Machine for Precision Parts can inspect sample parts including CNC parts, Turned Auto Components, Precision Parts
Sample parts for Glass Disc machine for Precision Parts including Precision Brass Parts, Turned Copper Parts, Brass Inserts

Inspection Parameters:


  • Angle
  • Height
  • half thread
  • Inner Diameter
  • Outer Diameter,
  • metrological parameters
  • thread presence/ absence

Surface Defects

cut marks, dent detection, scratch detection, damage, crack, burr, thread damage, colour detection, texture verification, surface deformities detection


absence/presence verification, operation missing, OCR-OCV, hole detection

Glass Disc Machine for Precision Parts Overview

Precision parts play a vital role in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical devices. The accurate inspection of these parts is crucial to ensure their quality, reliability, and conformity to specifications. In recent years, the development of advanced technology has led to the emergence of innovative inspection methods, such as the Glass Disc Machine. This cutting-edge solution has revolutionized precision parts inspection, offering unique capabilities and benefits that enhance accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

The glass disc machine is able to inspect wide range of precision parts including precision brass parts, turned copper parts, brass inserts, CNC parts, turned auto components etc.

The Optical Inspection & Auto Sorting Glass Disc Machine consists of a high-resolution camera, advanced image processing algorithms, and a rotating glass disc. The glass disc serves as a platform for placing and rotating the parts under inspection, allowing for comprehensive and precise imaging from multiple angles. Equipped with a high-definition camera, the Glass Disc Machine produces sharp and detailed images of the parts. This level of image quality ensures that even the tiniest defects or imperfections can be accurately detected and analyzed.


OD, ID Inspection
Side Dimension Inspection
Internal Thread Present/ Absent
Top Surface Defects
Bottom Surface Defects

* Repeatability will be measured on OD of Master Part.