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Optical Inspection & Sorting Machine- Nano Glass Disc

Avail Dimensional Inspection of the parts with a Nano Glass Disc Machine

If you are looking for a machine that can help you with detailed dimensional inspection of the manufacturing parts, there is nothing better than Visimaster's optical sorting machine. It is one of the best tabletop sorting machines developed in India that helps with precise and accurate inspection of the plastic and rubber parts, nuts, bolts, fasteners, washers, and a lot more. Advanced technology has been implemented to detect all the parts and provide the best results in detecting defective materials.

The optical sorting machine manufactured by Visimaster has a compact design that is suitable for different parts and comes with many features. With detailed dimensional inspection for faster inspection speed, the nano glass disc machine is the best for determining the problems in nuts, bolts, and other manufactured parts. So, suppose you are finding flexibility during the inspection procedure. In that case, you should get the nano glass disc optical sorting machine from Visimaster, the best Nano glass disc machine manufacturer in India.

The nano-glass disc machine is equipped with both manual and auto-feeding technology. And once the materials are fed into the system, you need not worry about getting improper results. The high-quality and advanced technology implemented by the special Visimaster engineers ensures that everything is successfully detected using the nano glass disc machine.

What type of dimensions can be measured by the nano glass disc machine?

The nano glass disc optical sorting machine is capable of inspecting different dimensions. They are as follows.

  • Angle.
  • Height.
  • Inner and Outer Diameter.
  • Major and Minor Diameter.
  • Outer Dimensions.
  • Metrological Parameters.

What are the key features of the optical sorting machine by Visimaster?

Visimaster's optical sorting machine comes with a wide range of features. They are as follows.

  • The machine is a compact tabletop machine.
  • Detailed Dimensional Inspection.
  • 5 Micron Repeatability.
  • Inspection Speed of up to 300 parts per minute.
  • Manual and Automatic Feeding System.
  • Manual and automatic data saving with SPC and Batch-wise reporting.

Thus, if you are looking for the best optical sorting machine for inspecting the turned machine parts, nuts and bolts, plastic and rubber parts, or other manufactured units of different dimensions, then there is nothing better than the Visimaster Nano Glass Disc Machine. The machine is specifically designed to inspect the operation machine and determine manual absence or presence.

Why is Visimaster the best Optical Sorting Machine?

Visimaster is a renowned brand in Pune that excels in the manufacture of nano glass disc optical sorting machines. The company excels in the preparation of various automated and robotics machines which are designed for various purposes. Be it a plastic and rubber inspection machine or a nuts and bolts inspection machine, there is nothing better than Visimaster's optical sorting machine. A specialized team of engineers prepares quick strategies and implements them into the Nano Glass Disc machine, which can inspect all machine parts. So, you should reach out to Visimaster now to get your products delivered.