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An air gauge system is designed to measure and verify dimensional accuracy and tolerances of parts. It is a non-contact measurement technique that utilizes compressed air to measure and detect deviations in part dimensions.In a vision inspection machine, the air gauge system works in conjunction with the vision system to ensure precise measurements.

The vision system captures images of the part and analyzes them to detect features, edges, or specific regions of interest for measurement.

Based on the information obtained from the vision inspection, the air gauge system is configured to measure specific dimensions or features of the part, such as inner diameter (ID).

The air gauge system consists of probes or nozzles that deliver controlled bursts of compressed air in the part. These bursts of air create a specific pressure pattern, and the system measures the resulting pressure changes to determine dimensional variations.

The measured data is analyzed by the vision inspection machine's software, which compares the obtained measurements against predefined tolerances or specifications.

Based on the analysis, the vision inspection machine determines whether the part meets the required dimensional criteria or if it falls outside the acceptable tolerances. The inspection machine can generate a pass/fail result or provide detailed measurement data for further analysis.

We integrate Air Gauging Systems along with our inspection machines; so that customer can get the data in one report.